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Lice! Gah! and another Luthien update

So, turns out the bath treatment didn’t work (killed the adults, not the eggs) so I had an appointment with the vet today to get the proper dilution of lice/flea/tick stuff and some syringes.  Also took Luthien, aka “Sickly Rat” for a checkup because she had a rough couple of days.  For those of you who haven’t been following, I got her about two weeks ago from someone who was giving away her rats and she was in really poor shape - basically starved to death and not even able to walk or feed herself.  I’ve been nursing her back to health and she was doing really good: eating normally, gaining weight, drinking, running around a bit (though not normally).  Two nights ago I though I was going to lose her - she couldn’t walk or sit up and kept kicking her back legs like she was running.  I though she might have had a stroke or a brain tumor.  She is doing fairly decently now and the vet didn’t seem terribly concerned. She gave me some meds for an inner ear infection to see if that doesn’t help her out with her balance.  I had to have my roommate help me administer everything, which was a shock for him I’m sure.  So, hopefully she starts doing better and doesn’t have anymore rough nights.  Mainly I need to make sure she is gaining weight (right now Galadriel weighs twice as much as Lulu!).  In total this month I have spent over $500 on rat related things. But I’m willing to do it. But next month they better be shining examples of health. 

So, yesterday I adopted two new rats from some person that is going to be leaving the island soon.  I figured it would be nice to get Arwen and Eowyn some new cage mates as their cage is def large enough, and I like to help out fellow rat owners as I know how hard it is to have to leave and not take your rats with you; it is good to know that someone will be taking care of them.  So I bring them home and, well, shitty fuck.  Turns out they both had fleas.  So I had my lovely roommate run me all over town trying to find a bath treatment and I got them all washed up (they were pretty dirty beyond the bugs as well).  One of them, a big Himmy, looked in pretty decent shape and really didn’t have that many bugs or bites on her.  The little hooded dumbo was a different story.  She was being sucked dry by the little bastards.  And that’s not all.  I don’t think I have ever seen a rat that underweight, the poor thing was skin and bones.  On top of that she has a lot of trouble keeping her balance and displays all of the symptoms of either an inner ear infection or a brain tumor.  I wasn’t even sure if she would make it through the night.  So yeah, that’s really fucking depressing.  And I’m pretty pissed off about it.  Seriously, who would give away animals in that state and not even mention it? If you are paying any attention to your animals whatsoever you would notice that something wasn’t right.  I thought about giving them back to her and telling her off but I can’t do that.  I can’t just give them back to the person that let them get into that state.  Sometimes I really, really hate people.  

Any words of encouragement/advice would be appreciated.

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#1 reason to hate hunters

Except in many regions of the country the majority of natural predators - wolves, mountain lions, bears - have been wiped out which means that there is no longer a natural population control mechanism operating on deer populations which means that their population increases too much, which in turn screws up the ecological balance further. Longest sentence ever. Hunters have become the natural population control method for keeping deer populations within acceptable parameters.