All of the anti-vaxer moronory can just disappear off of my dashboard now.

Nothing annoys me more than when people who don’t understand the first thing about a) how the human body works b) how viruses/bacteria work c) basic, basic immunology d) chemistry/biochemistry, try to argue about something that is related to any of the aforementioned items. Knowing this shit is what pays my bills and keeps me fed, do not try to argue your pseudo-science garbage in my presence.

Annoyed microbiologist out.

PS. You do realized that everything is composed of chemicals, right? The food we eat, the fucking air we breath? Yeah.

PPS Nothing against christiantheatheist, everything against his idiot greyfaces.

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Something I just heard on Cognitive Dissonance


In Australia, you lose your tax benefits if you don’t vaccinate your children. Why is this not everywhere!?

Good. I bet Australia has a much lower incidence of Pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, and a whole host of other vaccination-preventable illnesses.  People who “disagree” with vaccinations generally have absolutely no knowledge about how the human immune system works.  Jenny McCartney said “blah, blah, blah” doesn’t count.

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Anti-vaxers have infected Canada

This was the second hit when I googled “vaccinations Canada”. It is the same made-up garbage that US-based anti-vaxers like Jenny McCarney’s Autism One spew.  The whole “omgeeee vaccines cause autism because that one fabricated study by that now-disbarred doctor said so” routine.  Lolz this one actually claims that vaccines cause juvenile diabetes and peanut allergies. You know, because its totally not genetically based or anything. Gag.

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