"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything." - Friedrick Nietzsche

Atheist, scientist, secular Buddhist, rat lover, etc.

Originally from Iowa,I am a biology graduate student at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Finally back in Canada. Sitting in the Toronto airport for another 3 hours and I just want to be back home in St. John’s so I can say hi to my rats and go to bed.  Hmmm, now, what excessively over-priced airport food shall I call my supper?

Canada update

Got a cell phone today. It is a Blackberry Torch and it is pretty nifty (read: I cannot figure how to work it). Any of my friends (read: people that I actually know in person, sorry interweb buddies) that wants my cell number, hit me up.  It turns out the house I am living in is forever away from everything in St. John’s (read: the university, downtown, the ocean). Probably this will suck a lot so I might have to look into moving somewhere different once the summers done. I’m cool with walking forever when it is nice out, but that is not going to happen when it is snowing.  Tomorrow I am going to attempt the buses.  I’ve heard the public transit is pretty decent here, so it should be pretty ok. Assuming I don’t get lost. Which I will.  I met my adviser and he seems to be a pretty cool dude. Plus he said he would just give me his bike (read: bicycle, for some reason every Newfoundlander I have said bike to assumes I mean a motorcycle).  The Newfoundland accent is fucking lovely, any of my linguistics buddies should def try to find a recording on the YouTubes.  

What else? Well, the university has a student-run pub on campus.  Apparently last year an international student suddenly passed away and her parents couldn’t afford to come up or have her remains sent back home and the pub had enough money raised to help them with that. I thought that was pretty fucking awesome.  Stupid “dry campuses” could learn something from that; it generates lots of money, it is an additional employment opportunity for students, and the extra money can be used for good things.  

Also, Netflix works just fine up here and I have a really good selection of things to watch. So, I have chosen to watch a godawful 80s horror movie called Prom Night.  Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post. I’m just putting down whatever comes to mind when it comes to mind. Jetlag and things. It will be strawberry season soon. Sooooon.